Jason Schorr

Security Engineer. Software Engineer. Tinkerer.

Hey there, I'm Jason.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet.
I've worked on lots of fun projects across various mediums from technology to performance arts. I really like security and web development and below you can find some things that I've done. Also I have a penchant for playing with fire.

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Trax is a on the fly playlist generator for youtube and soundcloud media. Traxlists can be quickly generated and shared with your friends. Give them unique names and edit them later for a rotating playlist of awesome! There is also support for music subreddits. Trax also supports subreddits so you can listen to your favorite subreddits with ease.

PrivateOffr - Negotiate and close a deal within minutes.


Value is not always as simple as price. It often depends on timing, location, and both parties negotiating. No tools exist to help with this. It's important - because some of the finest things in life aren't definable by a sticker price. OFFR is a tool assisting with offer-counteroffer negotiations. OFFR also is a tool to help market exclusive and unique things. Examples of exclusive and unique things range from last minute Exclusive Tickets, Fine Dining, Nightlife Bottle Service and Event deals, and many more, all without cheapening the value.

Fun toys

Faux rain - Watch the rain fall down your screen.
Poitruvian Man - Modeling rotational motion with two degrees of freedom.
Multiple Choice - Testing platform for multiple choice tests.